1939 - 1949


  • Premature nursery given to Saginaw General Hospital.
  • Second annual art exhibit given.
  • Children’s Theatre’s first trouping production, “The Indian Captive”.
  • Thrift shop location changed because of fire.


  • Third Annual Art Exhibit given.
  • Children’s Theatre’s second trouping production, “Stay at Home Rebel”.
  • Handley School project turned over to the community.
  • Thrift Shop moved to East Side location.


  • Fourth Annual Art Exhibit given.
  • Third trouping production, “Yankee Doodle’s Guests”.
  • C.D.V.O. established.
  • Reorientation course.


  • Fifth Annual Art Exhibit given.
  • Fourth trouping production, “The Cupboard is Bare”.
  • First children’s radio series, “Up and Down the Scales” by transcription.
  • Community Radio Service established.


  • Sixth Annual Art Exhibit, “Art of the Armed Forces”.
  • Fifth trouping production, “The Mournful Bear”.
  • Second children’s radio series, “The Adventures of Young Douglas”, in live form.
  • Thrift Shop moved to Jarvis Yawkey Court.
  • Junior League Prize established for the Annual Woman’s Club Art Exhibit.


  • Seventh Annual Art Exhibit, “American Painting of Today”.
  • Educational art exhibits circulated in schools.
  • Sixth Trouping production, “Ben and Me”.
  • Children’s theatre presented Edwin Strawbridge in “Johnny Appleseed”, a narrative ballet.
  • Third children’s radio series, “Books Bring Adventures” by transcription.
  • Adaptation of “The Yearling” and series on “American Painters of Today” in live form.
  • Children’s oxygen tent presented to Saginaw General Hospital.
  • First tri-city Junior League conference held in Saginaw.


  • Eight Annual Art Exhibit, “Contemporary Water Colors from the Museum of American Art”, and “Twenty-seven Oils from the Philadelphia Academy Annual”.
  • $100.00 given to Board of Education for permanent collection of Kodachrome slides.
  • $50.00 given to Board of Education for equipment and materials for handicapped class at Handley School.
  • $5,000.00 given to Emergency Food Collection.
  • First puppet trouping production, “The Story of Mrs. Tubbs”.
  • Fourth children’s radio series, “Books Bring Adventure” by transcription.


  • Ninth Annual Art Exhibit; Print Collection for Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • Collection of Kodachrome slides and projector donated to County Schools. League volunteers trouped slides to City and County Schools.
  • Garden Club resumes.
  • $5,000.00 pledged to Saginaw Museum.
  • Puppet trouping production of “The Golden Apple Tree”.
  • $1,000.00 pledged to Saginaw General Hospital Library.
  • Radio series, “Adventure for Youth”, transcriptions of “Up and Down the Scales”.
  • Funds not to exceed $1,000.00 donated for improvements to City Hospital.


  • Participation in opening of Saginaw Art Museum. $375.00 given toward expenses.
  • Puppet production of “The Fox and the Little Red Hen” trouped to approximately 10,000 children in city schools.
  • $7,859.72 given to Cancer Detection Clinic netted by presentation of “Follies of 1947”. $130.00 given to City Hospital for improvements.
  • Inaugurated radio series of “Kids Quiz”. Radio stories of Artists’ lives and transcriptions of “Tales from the Ivory Tower”.
  • Kodachrome slides donated to Board of Education.
  • $50.00 donated to Children’s Center.
  • $15.00 given to Hartley Nature Camp.
  • Two radios donated to Saginaw Public Libraries.


  • Sponsored Centennial Exhibit of Thomas Eiken at Museum. $100.00 contributed toward purchase of benches for children’s art classes at Museum.
  • Puppet production “The Story of Mrs. Tubbs” trouped to 8,300 children.
  • Presented Tatterman Marionettes in “The glowing Bird” at the Michigan Treatre.
  • $100.00 contributed to Girl Scout Site Fund.
  • “Kids Quiz” repeated. Two live Christmas programs presented. Transcriptions of “Lest We Forget These Great Americans” and “Stories to Remember” broadcast.
  • $50.00 donated to Saginaw County Health Center.
  • $50.00 given to Guadalupe Center Clinic.
  • Vacated Chase Building Clubrooms.