1959 - 1969


  • “Lamplighters”, a series of 12 lectures on art and science, was presented to separate groups of children from third through eighth grades, at the Museum.
  • Children’s Theatre trouped “Gilly is My Name”.
  • Five show entitled “A Profile of Beethoven” were given by TV Committee in conjunction with Civic Symphony.
  • Circus Exhibit and reception attended by 1,2500 Saginawians at the Museum. Other exhibits throughout the year included Christmastime at the Logging Camp, Lincoln and Early Victorian.
  • Junior League Glee Club organized.
  • First coffee party for new and old Provisionals held.
  • Fifth Foster Mothers’ Tea given by Provisionals.


  • Corresponding Secretary was added to the Executive Committee due to the League’s growth.
  • “Art goes to School” was initiated by the Arts Committee.
  • Tenth Annual Thanksgiving Ball given at the Bancroft Hotel.
  • Television Committee promoted the Youth Concert Series.
  • Children’s Theatre trouped “Willie Williams Goes to Mars”.
  • 19,000 people toured the Saginaw Museum to see the Victorian Setting, Eskimo Exhibit and the Dinosaur Exhibit.
  • 155 students from the Lamplighters Lecture Series attended a lecture at the Robert T. Longway Planetarium in Flint.


  • “What Is A Painting” series was started at the Museum.
  • Delta Television workshop was attended by members of the Television Committee.
  • Crafts program started at the Juvenile Home.
  • “Rumpelstilskin” trouped by the Puppet Committee.
  • 18,881 people toured the Saginaw Museum to see the following exhibits: “Life in Japan”, “The Saginaw Valley and You”, and “Shelter, Past and Present”.


  • Second Street Fair held at the Museum netted a profit of $3,257.99.
  • Our final year for Saginaw Symphony Young People’s Concerts. Season tickets were completely sold out. Project will be taken over by Saginaw Symphony Association.
  • Sellout for Lamplighters Series. 2,400 youngsters attended the Saturday lectures.
  • Public Affairs Committee put in motion the Home and Family Living Program for under-privileged mothers.
  • Provisionals were first class to staff the Thrift Shop as first year’s placement.
  • The Thrift Shop contributed $7,000.00 to the Community Trust Account.


  • The Friendship Club was organized to provide social experience for women recuperating from mental illness.
  • S.S.Y.P.C.A. was again supported with $500.00 financial aid, and over 1,400 season tickets were sold.
  • Television Committee presented four programs in connection with Delta College.
  • The Thrift Shop made a net profit of $9,063.02.
  • Saginaw Valley Rehabilitation Center was accepted by the League as a new project for volunteer service and a $5,000.00 a year financial commitment for a period of three years.
  • On February 14, 1964 we celebrated our 30th birthday with a dinner dance at the Bancroft Hotel.


  • Children’s Theatre presented “Jack and the Beanstalk” to all 4th, 5th, and 6th graders in the city schools.
  • A special Thrift Shop Drive to publicize our new location brought in $2,842.96. This, plus our year’s profit of $10,000.00, brought the new high of $12,842.96.
  • The Regional Director’s visit brought many bylaw changes, the most important being the lowering of the upper age limit for provisionals from 36 to 34 by March 1 of the year in which she would be elected to Provisional membership.
  • The Follies board was organized for the presentation in the fall of 1965. The Public Affairs Committee arranged a very successful Appreciation Luncheon for agencies and people with whom we have worked.


  • Our Follies, “On the Other Hand”, was a grand success and netted a profit of $17,761.54 for our League. The Thrift Shop enriched the Community Trust Fund by $15,000.00.
  • The Saginaw Symphony Young People’s Concert Association enjoyed one more successful year. For the first time, tapes of the concerts were made and distributed to the schools.
  • The Friendship Club, now in its 3rd year, established and evening club.
  • Five new projects were voted in this spring which enlarges the placement opportunities for our growing League.
  • The total expenditure of $13,075.00 includes: $1,075.00 for Juvenile Study, $3,000.00 for Museum Projects, $3,000.00 for First Ward Community Center remodeling, $4,500.00 partial salary for a business director for Saginaw Civic Symphony Association and $1,500.00 contribution for Saginaw Children’s Zoo Building Fund.
  • The 15th Annual Thanksgiving Ball was held at the Bancroft.


  • The First Ward Community Center initiated a Nursery School, Sports Program, Children’s Theatre, a Choir and a Ceramics Class.
  • A State Public Affairs Conference was held by our League in October with one of our women as State Public Affairs Chairman.
  • The “Informer”, our new professionally printed news organ, published four superb issues in its initial year.
  • The Thrift Shop moved to a new location in June, and a Thrift Board was created. It contributed $12,500.00 to the Community Trust Fund.
  • The Community Research Committee offered the membership five new project to consider. Acceptance of all of the projects committed the League to an expenditure of $12.375.00 over a three-year period, and offered new and challenging volunteer placement opportunities.


  • Our first year of working with Planned Parenthood was highly successful, and in January a hospital program on family planning was initiated.
  • During our first year with Youth Protective Services, volunteers served individual families as social visitors and helped with the functioning of the agency.
  • In October, our League was honored by a team visit from our Regional Director and the AJL Public Relations & Television Consultant.
  • The League voted to establish a Volunteer Bureau at a cost of $38,250.00 projected over a 3-year period, and to grant a request by the Saginaw Symphony Board for financial support in the amount of $1,500.00.


  • Volunteer Bureau opened September 1969 at 1232 N. Michigan with Dorothy Rappa hired as Executive Director.
  • Art Museum continued Exhibits and Lamplighters, recommending one large exhibit for next year.
  • Youth Protection continued as did First Ward Community Center with Nursery School, Children’s Theatre, Cooking, Sewing and Art Classes, plus private piano instruction.
  • Special Education at Handley School again provided worthwhile volunteer hours.
  • Television launched a new program “Marquee”.
  • The Informer did all layout previously done commercially, and Placement Opportunities appeared in the Informer.
  • Headquarters Committee established to investigate the need and existing possibilities of the headquarters.
  • Because of intended AJLA increase, dues were raised to $25.00 for Actives and $20.00 for Sustainers.