1999 - 2009


Theme: Health and Wellness

In conjunction with the AJLI, the JLSV strives to promote volunteerism, leadership and the potential of women. The members of the JLSV have demonstrated dedication toward improving the lives of women, children and families within our local communities. In the spirit of the original purpose of the history of the Junior Leagues, we recognized the importance of fostering overall health and wellness of women, children and families in order to build stronger, better communities. For decades, JLSV members have impacted community health and wellness through effective advocacy and action within Mid- Michigan.

This year, we proudly introduced our newest Signature Project in collaboration with the Creative Spirit Center in Midland. Facing Forward-Journey Into Womanhood, a mentoring program for at-risk adolescent girls, began in September of 2007 with 20 young women and 20 adult mentors. Jackie Light chaired the Facing Forward Project and facilitated committee meetings, mentor orientation sessions and analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data obtained during the program. Through positive interaction and creative expression, all of the participants were encouraged and motivated to achieve their full potential as women. Many positive comments were written and stated about the life-altering experiences of the teens and mentors.

Working in cooperation with Jackie Light, Whitney Connor, Program Chair, lead our League in a very successful year of community service projects, as well as General Membership Meeting collections and donations. Two Program highlights included the 2007 Annual Holiday Party held at the Bay Area Women’s Center and the 2008 Kid’s in the Kitchen, “Jumpstart Your Health” event held at the Saginaw Valley Rider Center. With the support of the League members, in kind donors and the Saginaw Community Foundation, these events directly influenced the health and wellness of the women, children and families who participated.

Membership Chair, Terri List and Provisional Trainer, Jennifer Pisarczyk, developed twelve provisional recruits and warmly welcomed them into Active Membership in the spring. The Membership Committee worked closely with the Nominating and Placement Committee to improve training & League leadership development opportunities. Nominating and Placement Chair, Elissa Basil, slated a total of six League members to attend AJLI’s Organizational Development Institutes in the fall and spring. In addition, her committee updated leadership interest indicators, conducted placement interviews, and nominated and placed all necessary slated and committee positions. Additionally, an investigation commenced on the possible creation of an Active Gold Membership status.

Public Relations Chair, Nicole Ferguson, executed a rewarding year for awareness, communication and marketing. The PR committee was instrumental in establishing the first JLSV website. The result of several years of research, design and coordination, the JLSV home page, www.jlsv.org, was ready for use in April of 2008. The secure site gives all Active and Sustaining members access to a pictorial directory, personal profiles, League events, news and volunteer information. Sandra Lusars assisted with the collection of website material and also chaired the Informer Committee. Several outstanding improvements were made in the production, design and content of the Informer in order to enhance its reliability and readability.

The Cookbook Committee and its Chair, Marti Lisik, were also involved in general marketing of the JLSV, our members and our mission through the sales of our beautiful cookbook. The books were sold and displayed at many events and locations including FOT, Kathleen’s Restaurant at Apple Mountain, Talbot’s, & Barnes & Noble. Active members were required to purchase at least two cookbooks during the year as part of the quota passed during the 2006/2007 League year. Pure profit after expenses for the 2007/2008 League year was $23,457.00. A total of 976 were sold (including 144 quota purchases).

The aforementioned accomplishments could not have been possible without the diligence of Sara Garcia and her Finance Committee. Sara’s savvy fiscal and accounting knowledge enabled the JLSV to maximize charitable giving. Revenue from the 2007 FOT was a remarkable $31,455.47.

For the Signature Project, $10,200 was given to the Creative Spirit Center. Enabling Funds were given to the Saginaw Children’s Zoo ($400.00) and to the YMCA’s Strong Kids Campaign ($1000.00). Two young women seeking higher education each received JLSV Scholarships in the amounts of $500.00. Another major accomplishment of the finance committee was the establishment of an Endowed Scholarship Fund through the Saginaw Community Foundation.

A special 75th Anniversary Planning Committee that had been established during the 2006/07 League Year, continued to work in preparation for the commemoration of our League’s rich history. Chairperson, Renee Johnston, collaborated with members, sustainers and community organizers to plan a grand celebration of 75 years of Junior League service within the Saginaw Valley area. The celebration was scheduled to occur in May of 2009.

In typical Junior League fashion, sustainer support was superb. Sustaining Directors, Amanda Kitterman-Miller and Sue Sulfridge demonstrated knowledge and fortitude as they assisted in maintaining the strong legacy of the JLSV. As part of this legacy, Peggy Lotridge and Lynn Provenzano were Gold Rose recipients at the Spring Sustainer Gathering held at the Saginaw Club.


Theme: Dynamic Women Making Community Impact

The JLSV won the Child Advocate of the Year Award from the Child Abuse and Neglect Council. The award was based on our work with the CASA program and the program’s continued success.

The Program Committee executed four Done-in-Day and seven Done-in-a-Meeting projects. The committee also hosted a Kid’s in the Kitchen taste testing event with two Girl Scout troops from Hemmeter Elementary School. The event was an AJLI initiative on childhood nutrition and obesity.

The Membership Committee welcomed 13 new members this year. Two training sessions were held during the General Membership Meetings. The training consisted of women’s health and wardrobe awareness. The League also participated in two out of town trainings. One was held in Detroit as we partnered with the Detroit, Lansing and Kalamazoo leagues to bring in Vicki Clark, a fabulous presenter form AJLI’s Annual Conference. The second was for incoming board members during a special training sponsored by Michigan State Council.

The Saginaw Art Museum Committee kicked off their year with a fabulous season opener: Festival Mexicano. They continued their efforts with Cheeseburgers in Margaritaville, and then finished their year with planning and executing the Children’s Art Festival.

The Cookbook Committee was busy this year selling 2,000 cookbooks. The fundraiser was able to make their final payment to the League and contributed an extra $11,000 of pure profit. The beautiful JLSV cookbook: “Between the Lakes”, won the Midwest Region Tabasco Award its first year in print.

In line with its new focus area – Early Childhood Education and Care, the State Public Affairs Committee (SPAC) members testified before the House Education Committee in support of a package of bills regarding early intervention. The bills were passed by the full House soon after becoming Public Acts 118-121 of 2006.

The Nominating and Placement Committee spent the year working closely with the membership and presented a slate at the March GMM. The committee also began work on a League career path. (A flexible tool used by members who want to move into leadership positions.)
They also chose for members to attend an O.D.I.

The Informer Committee had another successful year keeping the membership up to date on the latest news and events.

Thirteen Provisionals became active members at the April GMM. The class participated in two successful projects. They partnered with the YMCA to organize a daddy/daughter dance. They also raised over $1000 with their mother/daughter American Girl luncheon held at the Saginaw Country Club.

The President-Elect attended all AJLI leadership development and governance conferences. The conferences were: Fall Leadership, President-Elect Networking/Governance and the Annual Conference.

Anne Flegenheimer and Francine Rifkin were amazing as our Sustaining Advisors to the Board. Along with their hard work and dedication at the board table, they hosted two wonderful events this year. The Fall Gathering was held in October and was very well attended. At the Gold Rose ceremony in the spring, 43 members came to celebrate the accomplishments of Roz McQueen and Leticia Stroebel. These two very deserving women were quite surprised and thrilled to be elected to Gold Rose status.


Theme: Transparent Leadership

A special committee was created by the president to establish a process for the creation of new JLSV fundraisers. The Process Creators Special Committee restructured the Fundraising Committee into a Fund Development sub-committee of the Finance Committee. This restructuring created independent, year-long placement committees for the execution of major fundraisers. Duties of the Fund Development Committee will include overseeing and evaluating all existing fundraising activities, researching and presenting all new fundraising activities to the membership and developing and overseeing the execution of a fund development plan for the JLSV Endowment Fund.

The Finance Committee dispersed $12,500 to the Saginaw Art Museum in continued support for the JLSV Signature Project. They worked diligently to assess and ultimately recommend the need for a dues increase at the March GMM meeting. A motion was approved by the membership to increase dues to $126 for actives/provisionals and $106 for sustainers effective the 2007-2008 league year. A total of $1500 was donated from the Enabling fund to the Exceptional Horseback Riders of Saginaw County and the Emmaus House. Two $500 scholarships were awarded to area women through the Saginaw Community Foundation. The Finance Committee met its goal of increasing the Endowment Fund, contributing more than $3700 to the account. Sources of monies included 5% of League fundraisers (FOT and Cookbook), one GMM raffle member donations and a silent auction at the May GMM.

The Public Relations Committee worked hard this year promoting our League and our two fundraisers: FOT and the Cookbook. The PR Committee also started a new way of communication with the General Membership by way of e-mail blasts.

The Fundraising Committee had a successful year with FOT at Bay Valley. FOT netted $19,900. There were over 60 displays and 13 vendors.


Theme: Leading the way to a make a difference for you (JLSV members) and the community.

The Public Relations Committee worked very hard to help in many different areas, especially with finding ways to continue to promote JLSV and our programs/events.

The Program Committee accomplished 7 Done in a Meeting projects and organized 3 Done in a Day projects. The 2003/04 League year marked the end of 3 wonderful years in the development of CASA Saginaw County. The League’s official involvement with the Midland Children’s Museum, Taste for Learning project also came to an end.

The Community Research and Project Development Committee brought the search for a new signature project to a close. The Saginaw Art Museum Regional Education Wing was selected as our project for the next 3 years.

The SPAC Committee completed a 2-year focus of education on Environmental Toxins in the Home.

The Finance Committee way busy from Fall 2003 through Spring 2004. One of the goals of the Finance Committee all year was to build the Endowment Fund administered by the Saginaw Community Foundation.

After much hard work, preparing recipes, sampling recipes, cover designs, page arrangements, etc. the cookbook project is in full swing.
Festival of Trees proved to be a huge success at the new location, Bay Valley Hotel and Resort.

The 70th Anniversary Party took place April 30th at Horizons Conference Center.

The Membership Committee had a goal to provide handy training materials at each General Membership meeting to all members to help them improve in areas requested. The committee also scheduled mini training sessions, such as, Past Presidents and Toast Masters.

Fourteen Provisionals went Active at the April General Membership meeting.

Nominating and Placement Committee did a wonderful job of working with and preparing JLSV members throughout the year for placements.
The President and President-Elect-Elect attended the Annual conference in Chicago.

The Informer had another great year of publication, always full of great information and managed very professionally.
The Sustaining Advisors to the Board, Culli Damuth and Melanie Hollman, were outstanding.

AJLI provided all Junior Leagues with a Healthy League Initiative in order for us to evaluate ourselves.


Theme: Educating Ourselves, Educating Our Communities

The JLSV received the Liberty Bell Award from the Saginaw Lawyers Association for participation in CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate).

The Community Research and Project Development Committee accepted 3 finalists: The Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum, Saginaw Community Foundation and United for Kids.

The Program Committee sponsored a Done in a Meting project for each month. The membership also participated in a Christmas Party for the women and children of the Bay City Women's Shelter and read to school children for March is reading Month. A family in need from St. Charles was the "adopted family" for the year.

Enabling fund grants were given to the YWCA of Bay County, Lutheran Child and Family Services of Michigan, Red Cross-East Shoreline Chapter Project Angel Program and the 2003-2004 Saginaw Survivors of Suicide Support Group.

Festival of Trees Profited by over $20,000. Bay Valley Resort was chosen for the 2003 location.

The Membership Committee coordinated two training opportunites. The first Mentor Night, Past Gold Rose recipients Sue Sonntag and Marget Lennon provided the training. The Provisional trainers provided the new members with a fantastic curriculum. The Provisionals completed a community project as well as a fundraiser, which netted over $5,000.

The Nominating and Placement committee worked diligently during the nominating process to fill the slate for the following League year. Two members were selected to attend an ODI in Tennessee.

The Public Relations Committee had a wonderful year. The committee tapped new and innovative resources for advertising FOT and they were persistent in getting a story printed in the Saginaw News of the JLSV of today.

After much deliberation, a cookbook project was voted in as a new fundraiser for the JLSV.

Sustaining Directors, Leann Bauer and Sue Sonntag, were excellent mentors for the Board of Directors this year.


Theme: Honoring our Past, Reaching for our Future

The first class of CASA volunteers was sworn in on May 30, 2002. The class included two JLSV members.

The newly re-formed Community Research/Project Development Committee (CR/PD) began the process of developing an application package and a research methodology for determining the best future projects for the JLSV.

The Program Committee coordinated done-in-a-meeting projects at each general membership meeting, as well as several done-in-a-day projects, including: Christmas tree decorating with the Cathedral District Youth Center, Dress for Success, and Back to School.

The Finance Committee worked hard this year to raise awareness and educate members on the JLSV Endowment Fund through the Saginaw Community Foundation.

Enabling Fund grants were made to the American Red Cross, the READ Association of Saginaw County, and Midland Shelterhouse.

The Fundraising Committee held another wonderful and successful Festival of Trees (FOT), raising over $20,000.

The Membership Committee oversaw the training of two provisional classes this year and welcomed eight women into active service.

The Informer Committee for the first time required that all Informer submissions be received in electronic format.


The challenge for this year was to take A Step Forward. We met at the Candlelight Inn in Bridgeport with the Junior League of Flint and did our first “Done in a meeting” project by asking members to bring in gently used clothing to donate to Dress for Success. This project was popular with the members of both leagues and it was a huge success. In the Program arena we worked with the Cathedral District Youth Center for several Done in a Day Projects: An Open House, a Christmas Decorating Party, and an Easter Egg Hunt. Several league members sat on the CASA board to work toward assuring its future in
the community. We also had a yearlong event beginning in December
when we adopted a family. We also worked with First Ward Community Center to hold a Book Mobile in their parking lot using the Saginaw trolley.
At the May General Membership Meeting with a combined motion from the Program Committee and Finance Committee was passed naming CASA as our Signature Project for the next three years and committing $40,000.00 toward its future.
The Finance Committee began the year with a large dues
discussion and ultimately an increase. Several league members worked on writing a grant and were successful in their efforts by receiving $1,850.00 from the Saginaw Community Foundation for a new computer system. The League had a strong year of Fundraising with Festival of Trees raising $22,000.00, a Feige’s Interiors furniture event that raised $1,000.00 and an internal Wine Tasting event that raised $2,200.00. Donations to the community totaled $16,750.00.
Our Nominating/Placement Committee wrote the JLSV Placement.
The Provisional class was extended to a full year again this year. They made over a $1000.00 at Festival of Trees and they spruced up the front of the C.A.N. Council building by planting flowers. 9 Provisionals achieve active status.


The theme for the 1999-2000 League year was "Making a Difference in the Lives of Women & Children "

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) and Cathedral District Youth Center became opportunities for 2000-2001 placements.

JLSV Actives sponsored Festival of Trees at Saginaw Valley State University, raising $12,000.00. A $7,000.00 donation was given to the United for Kids Children's Assessment Center.

Active Membership increased to 69.

The membership adopted Festival of Trees as JLSV's primary fundraiser through 2002.

League members took advantage of the following training: President/President-Elect's Conference, Organizational Development Institute; Annual Conference.

A Wine Tasting Party was introduced as an internal fundraiser. was held at the April membership meeting and raised -$1,500.00 for the League.

The Christmas Stocking Donations, Valentine's Day Party and Back- to-School Project, sponsored by the Program Committee, was very successful.

A JLSV vision statement "By maximizing the strengths of its trained volunteers, the JLSV will impact the community through leadership, volunteerism and commitment", was adopted.