1969 - 1979


  • After study, League Headquarters at 2715 State Street was approved by the membership.
  • A golf exhibition and clinic with pros Arnold Palmer, Tom Aaron, and sportscaster Chris Schenkel to be held in June was passed and set up by membership.
  • Placement Committee thoroughly researched the idea of a quality open placement and decided to use the program next year.
  • Saginaw Volunteer Bureau became an accredited member of the Volunteer Bureaus of America and the Michigan Association of Volunteer Bureaus.
  • The Thrift Shop added $12,700.00 to the Community Trust Fund.


  • Golf Exhibition held June 1st featuring Arnold Palmer, earned a net profit of $19,140.22. By-Laws amended to raise the age of admission from 18 to 21 years of age.
  • Youth Protection, Friendship Club, and Handley School Special Education continued.
  • New puppet program developed and initiated through Project BRITE, to provide an incentive for underachievers to stay in school.
  • TV launched a new program named “Arts in Action”, in cooperation with Delta College’s Channel 19. A series of programs featuring in-depth studies of area artists, field trips to Interlochen, and the Detroit Institute of Arts, proved very successful.
  • The young Peoples Concert enjoyed their most successful season.
  • The membership also voted to offer the League’s services in the Grand Opening of the new Civic Center scheduled to open in May 1972.
  • Open Placement was initiated and readily accepted by the members.
  • An in-League party featuring an auction added a net profit of $730.00 for the Administrative Fund.


  • Along with By-Laws and Policy changes, a new Statement of Purpose was approved at Annual Conference.
  • Proxy Voting provisions were added to the By-Laws.
  • The Television Committee helped produce 150 “Day by Day” programs on Channel 19.
  • Garden Club V was formed.
  • In addition to regular placement, approximately 75 Actives and 30 Sustainers helped with the planning and executing of the Grand Opening festivities at the new Civic Center.
  • Men’s Night was revived in March.
  • As their placement commitment, members served in 26 different areas of the community in the fields of the Arts, Health and Welfare and Education.


  • Public Affairs Committee hosted State Public Affairs Conference.
  • Membership voted to host a Golf Exhibition in May of 1973. The Thrift Shop presented a $14,500.00 check to the Community Trust Fund.
  • Membership voted to co-sponsor the Michigan Artrain with the Saginaw Art Museum - approximate cost $2,000.00.
  • League involvement in BRITE Puppets, Big Sisters, Friendship Club and the Walk-In-Center to be terminated at the end of the placement year.
  • Children’s Theatre project co-sponsored during the summer with Pit and Balcony.
  • AJL restructured into six geographical areas. AJL dues raised from $9.00 to $10.00.


  • Second Golf Exhibition on May 28, 1974, held at Bay Valley Club, featured Jack Nicklaus, Laura Baugh, Dave Marr and Tom Stewart, earned $33,378.58.
  • Upon recommendation of the Advisory Planning Committee and the Board, in November the membership approved a change in the administrative and fiscal year - from April 1 to March 31 to June 1 to May 31.
  • The Public Relations Committee planned and executed three events to celebrate the League’s 40th Anniversary: T.V. appearance, cocktail party and tabloid in the Saginaw News.
  • The Admissions Committee initiated a Proposer Coffee.
  • The membership voted $7,500.00 to be earmarked for underwriting the appearance of the American Wind Symphony as part of the Bicentennial celebration.
  • Interest Groups were voted upon and accepted by the membership. The classifications were: Arts, Health and Welfare, Education, Environment and Criminal Justice.
  • Artain made a two-week visit to Saginaw in October and was toured by 7,000 school children and 9,000 adults.


  • Signed contract on October 8, 1974 for the appearance of The American Wind Symphony, in August, 1976.
  • 24th Annual Thanksgiving Ball was held in December and the name was changed to the Holiday Ball. A 40th Anniversary tribute was given to Past Presidents and Sustainers.
  • Ad Hoc Committee was formed to relocate Thrift Shop. Thrift Shop profit to Community Trust Fund, $11,700.00.
  • INNER LINK home opened after renovation by League members.
  • Chrysallis received monies beginning in November.
  • President held monthly coffees in her home for members having birthdays that month.
  • AMP introduced to membership by our AMP Planning Coordinators. Mary Princing was elected Area Council.
  • Leased building at 110 S. Washington for new Thrift Shop. Leased for three years with a two-year renewal option.
  • Two Professional members attended a conference in Los Angeles, entitled “The Awakening Majority”.
  • The Junior League Singers made 23 appearances, including TV’s “Valley Today”.
  • Mini-project budgets were established by the Finance Committee.
  • A community Advisory Board is being established.


  • The Thrift Shop opened this fall at 110 S. Washington, with a new manager, Marion Tope, after a summer of relocating and decorating.
  • Association Management Process was implemented by all League committees.
  • Saginaw’s first Ethnic Festival, sponsored by PRIDE, was held on August 23.
  • Mary Princing served as a member of Area IV Council.
  • The Junior League’s newly formed non-member Community Advisory Board met for an orientation and breakfast in December.
  • 25th Annual Holiday Ball was held in December at Unity Hall in Civic Center with planned dinner parties preceding and attended by 600 members and guests, coordinated by the Public Relations Committee.
  • The Provisionals welcomed 150 parents and children at the 20th Annual Foster Parents Tea at the Bradley House on February 8, 1976.
  • Career Development, a process in self management was introduced by two league members trained by Alene Morris and AJL.
  • New AJL accounting procedures were implemented.


  • American Wind Symphony Bicentennial Odyssey 1976 was at Ojibway island for two days in August. It as the Junior League’s Bicentennial gift to the community.
  • Job Opportunities for Youth (JOY) was begun in conjunction with the Saginaw Chapter of the American Red Cross. PRIDE, Inc. was granted a request for funding for the Downtown Demonstration block in the amount of $3,000.00.
  • The Learning Disabilities Tutorial Program was expanded to two Saginaw Township Schools. The League helped fund it with $1,200.00.
  • A part-time secretary was employed at Headquarters.
  • A Public Relations folder on obtaining effective publicity was published by the PR Committee. It was distributed to various agencies and organizations.
  • First joint Michigan Board meeting held in Lansing.


  • The Wise Penny presented the Community Trust Fund with a check for $15,745.00, the highest net profit to date.
  • The Standing Rules were completely revised and updated. The Provisional Class changed the format of the Foster Parents’ Tea to a Pancake Supper.
  • The membership voted to present a Decorator Showhouse as a fundraiser in the fall of 1978.
  • Provisionals compiled a booklet on educational opportunities available for pre-school children in the Saginaw Area.
  • Child Advocacy Interest Group Instrumental in the formation of a Parents Anonymous Chapter for Saginaw.


  • First Decorator Showhouse was held October 8-28 at 1631 Brockway - contributing over $41,000.00 to the Community Trust Fund.
  • The Organization Self-Assessment Survey was completed by some 90% of our total membership.
  • We continued support of the Art Goes to School Project and the Saginaw Valley Crime Commission.
  • Our Education Committee offered League members classes in CPR, First Aid, and Disco Dancing.
  • The Education and Child Advocacy Committees presented an Advocacy Workshop featuring Ken Wooden.
  • A Foster Parents Spaghetti Dinner was presented by Provisional Class B.
  • The membership approved Advisory Planning’s recommendation for the establishment of a Community Vice-President. The membership approved an active dues raise to $38.00; sustainer raise to $30.00.
  • The Wise Penny presented a check in the amount of $16,400.00 to the Community Trust Fund.