Gold Rose Award

The Gold Rose Award will be presented at the Spring Annual Meeting to an outstanding sustainer who “continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of a trained volunteer.”

Any League member sustainer, active, or provisional may nominate a sustainer whose volunteer activities have illustrated the familiar League purpose. Simply fill out a Gold Rose Nomination form and mail it to a Sustaining Director by April 15. Questions should be directed to the current Sustaining Directors to the Board.

1985 Recipients: Ruth Braun, Dorothy Rappa, Romaine Spence
1986 Recipients: Betty Busch, Saundra Donahue, Patricia Learman
1987 Recipients: Annette Deibel, Vera Hanisko, Georgia Northway
1988 Recipients: Marian Brenner, Margaret Clark, Mary Ellen Vaydik
1989 Recipients: Suzanne Mason, Josephine Strobel, Nancy Walton
1990 Recipient: Janet Crane
1991 Recipients: Constance Harvey, Mary Princing
1992 Recipients: Ann Fordney, Pam Leckie, Karen MacArthur, Judy Yeo
1993 Recipients: Francie Rifkin, Elsie Schrader, Patty Stair, Joan Wendland
1994 Recipients: Florence Connolly, Barbara Ewend, Patricia Shek
1995 Recipients: Jean Beach, Betty Braun, Culli Damuth, Patricia Shaheen
1996 Recipients: Martha Ann Joseph, Sue Pumford, Mary Rockwell, Betty Webb
1997 Recipients: Julie Stevens, Judy Weldy
1998 Recipients: Margaret Lennon, Ethel O’Neill
1999 Recipients: Janet Stringer, Linda Fettig
2000 Recipient: Betty Grills
2001 Recipients: Susan Sonntag, Melanie Hollman
2002 Recipients: Diane Ederer, Jane Wright, Pari Michalski, Barb Russell
2003 Recipient: Lucy Allen
2004 Recipient: Susan Kaltenbach
2005 Recipients: Cynthia Lange, Andrea Muladore
2006 Recipients: Roslyn McQueen, Leticia Stroebel
2007 Recipients: Caroline Knowlton, Pam Jarema, Sally Purcell
2008 Recipients: Peggy Lotridge, Amanda Kitterman-Miller, Lynne Provenzano
2009 Recipients: Joan Martin, Jean Richardson
2010 Recipients: Anne Flegenheimer, Susie Nielsen, Sue Stemler
2011 Recipients: Janet Silva, Ursula Steckert, Octavia Walters Cabey
2012 Recipient: Judith Farley
2013 Recipients: Maija Preston and Pat Tessin
2014 Recipient: Lori Reetz
2015 Recipient: Sarah Jury
2016 Recipient: Chantal Franson
2017 Recipients: Patty Burnside and Cathy Jesko
2018 Recipients: Renee Johnston and Jennifer Jaffe
2019 Recipients: Dee Ann Bliss