Why We Do What We Do

Why join the Junior League?

This is a question that many of us members get asked often by our friends and peers. Everyone has their own personal reasons why they joined and we wanted to share a couple of thoughts from our members. 

The first Q&A is from Jennifer Grigg, who just finished her first active year in the Junior League and served on the Marketing/PR Committee. 

1. What is your most memorable experience as a JL member thus far?

The opportunity to spread hope and positivity into our community has been a breath of fresh air during my time in the League. During a community tour of many organizations that the League has created and/or supported, I've seen first-hand the lasting impact the Junior League has had on the community. Seeing this has invigorated my motivation to have big goals for our community impact efforts

2. If you could recruit someone to join the league, what do you think are the most important benefits of membership?
The Junior League provides an ability to build strong, lasting connections with other women while also serving our communities in a meaningful way. The combination of these two opportunities creates an impact that goes far beyond the League itself. To be a catalyst of opportunity and positive change in the Great Lakes Bay Region is an experience unlike any other. 

3. What does women's empowerement mean to you?

Having the forum to connect with other like-minded women in the area has been overwhelmingly empowering to me. The support and camaraderie I have received while in the League has helped build my confidence and has assisted me in building a skill base that has translated to both my personal and professional life. To know there are other women near me facing the same struggles and challenges has been transformational, and seeing women support other women is extremely motivating.